Noble Creature and Ira Gerhart

Noble Creature Cask House is an active member of the Youngstown community. Whether it be hosting family events, trivia night, or teaching people the intricacies of brewing beer, Ira and Marcy Gerhart are at the forefront of making Youngstown a destination for community seekers. Do not miss the opportunity to taste some of their beer selections at the 2nd Annual Groundhog Craft Beerfest hosted by Rotary Club of Youngstownat Stambaugh Auditorium this Saturday. The money raised goes back into various programs that help support Youngstown. All the above and more, always have the City of YOUngstown‘s community on their mind. As residents and business owners they know the significance of giving back. #drinklocal #supportlocal


Stambaugh with Rotary and Penguin City

One of the Valley’s gems is Stambaugh Auditorium. This beautiful neo-classical building overlooks the city and hosts everything from concerts to weddings. And most importantly, the 2nd Annual Groundhog Craft Beerfest hosted by the Rotary Club of Youngstown. Lisa Resnick chatted with Rotarian Aundrea and Aspasia of Penguin City Beer about this awesome upcoming event, and another collaboration between a local brewery and community organization. Watch the video for more information and we hope to see you there! 

Sandy Springs Brewing Company with owners Andy and Amanda

A fabulous small town and a fabulous brewery. That and more is what you’ll find in Minerva, Ohio, where Lisa Resnick checked into Sandy Springs Brewing Company to talk with owners Andy and Amanda Conrad. The husband and wife team have been brewing together since college and decided to turn their passion into a small business in their hometown in the midst of a main street renaissance. And their beer happens to be pretty darn good too … So head to Minerva, check out a cool little town and grab yourself a fantastic beer at Sandy Spring. You won’t regret it!