Nicole Ice of Sundog Cellar and WFMJ’s Andrew DiPaolo

New times, new challenges. And that certainly couldn’t be truer for the world of podcasting. But we’re all about tackling challenges at Homes and Hops, and have some great guests to make it happen. Nicole Ice, co-owner of Sundog Cellars Winery & Cidery in Columbiana, and WFMJ’s Andrew DiPaolo joined Lisa Resnick via Zoom to talk about life during COVID, supporting local businesses, and driveway yoga? Hey, we said new challenges didn’t we. #drinklocal#eatlocal #supportlocal

Ep.18- One Hot Cookie and Penguin City

Lisa Resnick with Bergen Giordani and Aspasia Bernacki

Lisa Resnick chats with Bergen Giordani owner of One Hot Cookie and Oh Donut Co, and Aspasia Bernacki c0-owner of Penguin City. Taking chances and dreaming big is the name of the game. These women should awe and inspire the entrepreneurial aspirations in all of us.  The work never ends, but it’s simply in their blood. Always remember especially now to support our local businesses! We never want these stories to end.

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Ep.17- Modern Methods and Mike Keys of Warren

Lisa Resnick chats with Mike Keys, Warren’s Community Development Director and Adam Keck the owner of Modern Methods. From the Amphitheater to the new housing development, hear about Warren’s history, and how they’re working on balancing the past with the present for their cities’ future.

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