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My name is Lisa Resnick. A native to the area, I ventured off for a little over a decade to live in the DC metro area. What brought me there was politics, but I ended up in Real Estate. First on the Commercial side and then the Residential. Moving back home a few years ago, I saw the tremendous amount of positive change and growth happening in our area. Being in real estate, I wanted to highlight all the positives in a creative new way. That’s where the breweries come in. They are statistically proven to benefit communities and make them more desirable. And as we’ve seen with the brewers here, they give back to their communities through collaborations, supporting local charity efforts and promoting other local businesses. 

And that is why I created Homes and Hops. As we expand to our podcast series, we hope to continue to tell their stories but also bring other local businesses into the conversation. After all, the first thing in real estate we learned is the significance of location. And ALL of these amenities help create the desire to live and be a part of these communities.