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Ep.46- Brock Beatty, Numbers Brewing Co.

Ep.45- Ellie Platt, Platt Insurance

Ep.44- Nicole Ice, Sundog Cellars and Andrew Dipaolo, WFMJ

Ep.43- Steve Vesey, WFMJ

Ep.42- Jeff Ryznar, 898 Marketing

Ep.41- Joe Gregory, GM Norfolk Tides

Ep.40- Brian Gabbert, GM Southern Park Mall

Ep.39- Phil Kidd, Defend Youngstown

Ep.38- John and Abby Chandler, Paladin Brewing

Ep.37- Erik Cromer, Union Home Mortgage

Ep.36- Greg Wormley, The PumpHouse Homebrew Shop

Ep.35- Mike Naffah, Naffah Hospitality Group

Ep.34- Birdfish Brewing and The Flight Crew

Ep.33- Robby Komara, Komara Jewelers

Ep.32- Wade Calhoun, Canfield City Manager

Ep.31- Joe Glista, The Vineyards at Pine Lake

Ep.30- Jeffrey McDevitt, Vintage Estate

Ep.29- Nate Wilson, Woodland Cellars & Ellie Platt, Platt Insurance

Ep.28- Derrick McDowell

Ep.27- John Rudy, Magic Tree

Ep.26- Andrew Resnick, America Makes

Ep.25- Larry Wilson, Biker Brewhouse

Ep.24- Greg Snyder, Birdfish Brewing Co.

Ep.22- Patrick Burgan, Burgan Real Estate

Ep.22- Nate Offerdahl and Sarah Lowry

Ep.21- Sean Posey and Ira Gerhart

Ep.20- Youngstown Flea, Derrick McDowell

Ep.19- Home Talking COVID-19, America Makes and Valley Grit

Lisa Resnick with Bergen Giordani and Aspasia Bernacki

Ep.18- One Hot Cookie and Penguin City

Ep.17- Modern Methods and Mike Keys of Warren