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Ep.68- Ian Beniston and Tiffany Sokol, YNDC

Ep.67- Isaac and Luke Schuster, The MLO Brothers

Ep.66- Joe Rozsa of Shale Brewing Company

Ep.65- Don Thomas, Platz Realty Group

Ep.64- Hannah Ferguson of DOPE Brand and Aspasia Bernaki of Penguin City

Ep.63- Arthur Daly, Eastern Gateway Community College

Ep.62- Mark Canzonetta, Bistro 1907

Ep.61- Bill Lawson, Mahoning Valley Historical Society

Ep.60- Zach Dean, Owner Clubhouse Brewing Co.

Ep.59- Justin Coffin of The 330 Sports and More

Ep.58- Youngstown Pizza Reviews with Jeremy Oklota

Ep.57- Mayor Duffet and the City of Canfield

Ep.56- Greg Burbick of Burbick Farms

Ep.55- United Way and Women United

Ep.54- Sharon Letson, Youngstown CityScape

Ep.53- Renee Fuller, Mahoning Valley Second Harvest Food Bank

Ep.52- Kelli Catullo, Project MKC

Ep.51- Jane MacMurchy, Animal Charity

Ep.50- Derrick McDowell, Youngstown Flea

Ep.49- Bryan Blakeman, Mayor of Columbiana

Ep.48- Jason Orzel, The Dusty Ball Bag

Ep.47- Hannah Ferguson, Brewer and Vintner

Ep.46- Brock Beatty, Numbers Brewing Co.

Ep.45- Ellie Platt, Platt Insurance

Ep.44- Nicole Ice, Sundog Cellars and Andrew Dipaolo, WFMJ

Ep.43- Steve Vesey, WFMJ

Ep.42- Jeff Ryznar, 898 Marketing

Ep.41- Joe Gregory, GM Norfolk Tides

Ep.40- Brian Gabbert, GM Southern Park Mall

Ep.39- Phil Kidd, Defend Youngstown