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Always a great time with Randy Schneider. Once an entrepreneur always one.

Ep.95 – Randy Schneider of Renovatio’s Taproom and Restaurant

Dennis talks with Lisa about DOYO

Ep.94 – Dennis Schiraldi founder of DOYO

Nate and Dani are nonstop with creating their dreams.

Ep.93 – Nate and Dani Wilson with Woodland Cellars

Beer is a great recovery drink after a run! It's true. And this Sunday, October 24 you can enjoy a special beer made by Penguin City Beer for the Youngstown Marathon.

Ep.92 – Joe Midlick with the Youngstown Marathon

Lots of laughter on this week's convo.

Ep.91 – Ellie Platt with PLATT! Insurance

Local business can be big business.

Ep.90 – Chris McGarry with Ohio Pet Foods Inc

We must always remember to be our own warrior in our mental and physical health.

Ep.89 – Michelle Apple, Founder of Apple Breast Cancer Warrior Foundation

Did you know the Youngstown Foundation was created do to our nations first pandemic?

Ep.88 – Lynette Forde, President of the Youngstown Foundation

Food and beverage, the perfect combo.

Ep.87 – Don Ritenour of YoFresh and Nicole Ice of Sundog Cellars

Lisa Resnick chats with Nick and Erica, owners of SPRUCE Home Decor.

Ep.86 – Nick and Erica of SPRUCE Home Decor

Stephen chats with Lisa about bringing culture to the Valley.

Ep.85 – Stephen Poullas co-owner of The SOAP Gallery

Frank Moses chats with Lisa Resnick about the movie biz.

Ep.84 – Frank Moses owner of Golden Star Theater

Lisa Resnick chats with Marisa Sergi along with special guests Mr. Ralph of OH WOW! and Greg Snyder of Birdfish.

Ep.83 – Marisa Sergi owner of Luva Bella Winery

Lisa Resnick always has blast with Mr. Ralph at OH WOW! and Greg Snyder of Birdfish.

Ep.82 – OH WOW!’s Mr. Ralph and Greg Snyder of Birdfish

Lisa Resnick chats with Erin Lonsway owner of Bella Amica.

Ep.81 – Erin Lonsway owner of Bella Amica

Lisa Resnick and Joe Danyi talk about starting a business and constantly thinking of the next best thing.

Ep.80 – Joe Danyi founder and CEO of Youngstown Studio

Andrew stops by Youngstown Studio to talk weather and more.

Ep.79 – Andrew DiPaolo with WFMJ

Elisha Veon and Sarah Keck hang with Lisa Resnick.

Ep.78 – Elisha of Babcia’s Lunchbox and Sarah of Modern Methods

Lisa Resnick chats with Matt Campbell about another kind of brewing... coffee. And it is oh so good!

Ep.77 – Matt Campbell, Branch Street Coffee

Stella Angelo The Cake Boutique

Ep.76 – Stella Angelo with The Cake Boutique

Lisa Resnick chats about social media, shopping and successes with Kelli Catullo and Nicci Farris.

Ep.75 – Nicci Farris and Kelli Catullo, Co-Owners of the Beauty Boutique

Chris Davis, co-wner of the new hot restaurant downtown Youngstown West 34. Another new local favorite hot spot at the corner of Federal and Phelps.

Ep.74 – Chris Davis, Co-Owner of West 34 Downtown Youngstown

Phil Kidd comes back for round 2 and tackles Western Reserve expansion, urban planning and how to plan for the future.

Ep.73 – Phil Kidd, Community Development Officer and Projects Manager

Joe and Stacey chat with Lisa about how they got started, how the met and how they have been making it through the past year.

Ep.72 – Joe and Stacey Rzonsa of Blue Wolf Tavern

T. Sharon Woodberry Director of Economic Development

Ep.71 – Sharon Woodberry, Youngstown City Director of Economic Development

Amanda and Andy of Sandy Springs Brewing Co

Ep.70- Amanda and Andy of Sandy Springs Brewing

Lisa Resnick talks with Janelle about the difficulties of raising money during the pandemic, and how they have adapted to the new standards to still hold events to keep helping kids.

Ep.69- Janelle Nagy, Piggyback Foundation of Youngstown

Lisa chats Ian and Tiffany about neighborhood redevelopment and revitalizing!

Ep.68- Ian Beniston and Tiffany Sokol, YNDC

The MLO Brothers sat down with Lisa Resnick in her Homes and Hops podcast Studio.

Ep.67- Isaac and Luke Schuster, The MLO Brothers

Joe and Lisa talk about community, breweries and growth.

Ep.66- Joe Rozsa of Shale Brewing Company