Elisha of Babcia’s Lunchbox and Sarah of Modern Methods

A new trend that I only see growing in popularity… Food and Beer, pairings that are spot on! Collaborations and creativity are key. As Elisa Veon of Babcia’s Lunchbox best stated what she is doing is being a “cultural evangelist” sharing the culture and sharing the history of her heritage through food. And Modern Methods Brewing Company has the same mindset, from the name of their brewery to the flavors of their beers. So these two together are the perfect pair through food, beverage and podcast guests. Thank you Sarah Keck and Elisha Veon for sharing your history and bringing to us a way to enjoy our history and learning other cultures through taste. 
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Ep.77 – Matt Campbell, Branch Street Coffee

More than just hops! This time we’re talking brewing coffee beans with our very own Matt Campbell of Branch Street Coffee Roasters. Listen to how a former non-coffee drinker became a lover, and then the expert.

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Ep.76 – Stella Angelo with The Cake Boutique

Sweets and treats! Who says beer can’t be paired with cupcakes?? Lisa Resnick stopped by Vintage Estate Wine & Beer to grab Modern Methods Brewing Company, R.Shea Brewing – Merriman Valley and Brewing Projekt‘s delicious stouts to go with The Cake Boutique delicious cupcakes.

Listen to owner/creator of The Cake Boutique’s Stella Angelo talk about her love of baking and real estate . The drive behind being successful is a necessity, and Stella truly has it. And that combined with her creative mind, has made her and her business pursuits successful. Thank you Stella for being this week’s guest.

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Ep.75 – Nicci Farris and Kelli Catullo, Co-Owners of the Beauty Boutique

When two strong women get together great successes happen. Kelli Catullo and Nicci Farris are prime examples of that. Utilizing Facebook as their starting point, their creation, Beauty Boutique has quickly gained speed in the Mahoning Valley. 

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Ep.74 – Chris Davis, Co-Owner of West 34 Downtown Youngstown

The Homes and Hops podcast has a new home Youngstown Studio. And today we have it a test run. Thank you to our first guest, Chris Davis, co-owner of West 34, a new destination on the corner of West Federal and Phelps Street
Downtown. And what an awesome surprise for Aspasia and Richie to stop by the studio to help quench our thirst with some of their Penguin City Beer.

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Ep.73 – Phil Kidd, Community Development Officer and Projects Manager

Community activist Phil Kidd never. slows. down. He’s back for round 2 on the podcast and as expected it’s worth the listen – his new CLE neighborhoods initiative (and documentary), a healthy debate on Western Reserve expansion, the history of urban planning in the Valley, its impacts and how to plan for the future. An added bonus – Phil provided some quality CLE beverages to sample.

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Ep.72 – Joe and Stacey Rzonsa of Blue Wolf Tavern

A restaurant that’s a Valley staple, a thriving catering business, and a dedication to making our area better. That’s the result of the passion Joe and Stacey Rzonsa, owners of Blue Wolf Tavern and Blue Wolf Events, bring everyday. They joined the podcast to talk about their history, overcoming the adversity of COVID and where they’re headed. Enjoyed with some Birdfish, Modern Methods, and … Orange Avocado

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Ep.71 – Sharon Woodberry, Youngstown City Director of Economic Development

New restaurants, new businesses, a growing nightlife and cultural scene, and even a thriving tech sector, Youngstown is coming out of the pandemic strong. And one of the women driving the vision is Sharon Woodberry, the Director of the Division of Economic Development, who joined me to spill some details on the city’s vision and plans to keep the growth going! 

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Ep.70- Amanda and Andy of Sandy Springs Brewing

A great, quick, catch up with Andy and Amanda, owners of Sandy Springs Brewery in Minerva. They’ve been busy over the last year – adding a patio, additional space in the brewery, and finalizing a second B&B. The weather’s getting warmer, so take a day trip out to Minerva, grab one of their 16 fantastic brews on tap, and book a stay at their B&B. Can’t wait to get out there myself! 

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Ep.69- Janelle Nagy, Piggyback Foundation of Youngstown

Our area is blessed with some amazing non-profits doing incredible work, and that includes The Piggyback Foundation of Youngstown. Director Janelle Nagy joined the podcast to talk about their work with families and their mission. And if you’re a chocolate lover looking for an excuse to fill your craving, they’ve got that too with their annual Chocolate Fest on May 6th, time is ticking so be sure to get your spot.

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